Kagome: the Veggie Mutilator

Behold my first breakfast in Japan!, a humble repast consisting of a cheese laiden pastry, a blueberry bagel, packets of jam and peanut butter, fresh fruit, and, somewhat alarmingly, butter in a tube.
Behold my first breakfast in Japan!
A humble repast consisting of a cheese laiden pastry, a blueberry bagel, packets of jam and peanut butter, fresh fruit, and, somewhat alarmingly, butter in a tube.
Those of my readers adhering to French sensibilities would doubtless turn up their noses at this latter feature of our morning refection, yet when visiting a foreign country, one must pick their battles lest a full out war ensue.
We ate ravenously, and the tube butter wasn’t half bad.

Supporting this agreeable collation, I experienced a juice drink called Kagome, and let me tell you, V8’s got nuthin’ on this shit!

Eight veggies?!

Bah! Kagome rocks thirty!

And we’re not just talking tomatoes and carrots. This badass veggie monstrosity comes loaded with kale, spinach, celery, broccoli, bell peppers, and god knows what else.

There is a veggie holocaust happenig in Japan, and Kagome is the culprit.

You wanna veg it up like a champion?

Kagome. Veggie as fuck.

Regarding other breakfast matters, Koji-San, the venerable father of The Princess, even brought me an apple from Azumi in Nagano, an area famous for great apples!
Yatta ne!! (Read: “Yay!”)
And damn was it delicious!
The place where Koji is putting us up during our tenure in Kyoto is actually the guest quarters in his company dormitory. In accordance with the Japanese sensibility, the guest quarters are of course nicer than the rooms in which the tenants of this building must reside.
For example, our own room includes a small kitchenette, along with a washer and dryer, and our own private bathroom featuring one of those fancy Japanese toilets, and a pair of complimentary crapper slippers.
Quite interestingly, standard Japanese layouts always keep the tub and shower separate from the commode. In my opinion at least, this makes massively more sense than the American approach to washroom construction, since there really isn’t any good reason to place together two separate facilities which different people may require recourse to at the same instant.
Actually, overall my experience so far has lead me to believe that the Japanese are actually significantly more civilized than us cowboy Americans in many respects, but more on this topic later.
One thing to note is that whatever you may have heard regarding things in Japan being smaller than in America (or probably anywhere else in the West) is completely true. Portions are smaller, containers are smaller, countertops are lower, and I, measuring six foot even, must frequently duck to pass through doorways.

In the entry way to the building, there are cubby holes for people to store their shoes when they are within the dormitory, or alternatively their slippers when they are out and about.

Following breakfast, I donned my punk rock best, and departed the dormitory with Koji-San and the Princess to explore the streets of Kyoto.

Arms length photo. Powered by Kagome. Veggie as fuck.

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